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The Vensure platform offers a set of pre-integrated solutions, all operating on one holistic data model, talking uniformly and calling the same functions

Featured elements of the Vensure platform include:

Master Data Management

(MDM) – As your business data fragments, Vensure provides the governance, standards and tools to provide a single point of reference by eliminating redundant data and fixing incomplete data across the enterprise.

Business Rules Management System

 (BRMS) – A powerful business rules engine allows users of the Vensure platform to adapt their business processes through simple configuration versus custom development. This brings speed of implementation, lower costs, higher returns and less risk.

Enterprise Service Bus

 (ESB) – Harmonized data brings a harmonized business. Vensure connects various data sources quickly and easily to provide more automation and insight to your business.

Business Process Management

Vensure also comes with an extensive BPMS that is fully configurable. Workflows of both data and content can be triggered either by system events or user events. All events can be audited for full governance of every transaction.

User Identification and Roles Management

Manage user roles, groups and privileges quickly and easily. Our pre-built user and roles management module provides advanced mappings to multiple business units, companies, application access, permissions and more.

Document Management

Vensure also provides sophisticated services for enterprise document management including creation, storage, workflow, archiving and even publishing of documents. Each content type can have unique meta-data associated and unique rules regarding workflow, mobile access, publishing and more.

Master Data Model

The Vensure data model is a powerful hybrid of both relational data bringing speed and robustness with the flexibility and extensibility similar to NoSQL. This allow Vensure to be stood up quickly, handle massive amounts of data all while remaining highly adaptive to changing applications and business needs.

Rules UI

The Rules UI provides an easy interface for business and IT users to manage the data definition involved in those rules. The Rules UI is an application that can display and manages the data elements and logic that are used by the Rules Engine.

Analytics, Reporting & Actioning

The Vensure platform comes fully integrated with the industries premier reporting solution. With the powerful combination of the Vensure ESB and SAP’s In-Memory HANA database, Business Objects and Crystal reports our clients can easily pull data from multiple data sources for analytics and actioning.

SQL Production Level Database

Vensure leverages Oracle relational database technology to provide the highest levels of scalability, availability, reliability and performance.  Your mission critical data can be accessed across multiple geographic regions with the highest levels of data integrity in the industry.

Configure, Price & Quote

(CPQ) The extensible data model, custom forms design and flexible rating / billing engine included within CORE enables a world class CPQ functionality making all new revenue channels easily available. Sell more, sell faster, sell more intuitively and less errors with Vensure.

NO SQL Data Configurability

Vensure’s  NO SQL Data Configurability is meant for any application that requires network-accessible key-value data with user-definable read/write performance levels. The typical application is a web application which is servicing requests across the traditional three-tier architecture: web server, application server, and back-end database.

Custom Form Designer

At the center of Vensure is providing an innovation engine to our clients. A way to quickly configure new applications, new ideas, new revenue channels. Our custom forms designer allows our clients to easily extend existing applications or create all new application in a fraction of the time, cost and effort.

Customer Relationship Management

(CRM) The Vensure data model fully supports and actions CRM data to drive revenue, not just report it. Our intelligent algorithms scour your business data to automatically find and prioritize new revenue opportunities. Our flexible architecture ensures customizations can be implemented without development using BRMS functionality.

Multichannel Publishing

Vensure includes the ultimate content-management solution for multichannel publishing. Its feature-rich environment allows content creators and collaborators to work together in a single, unified environment to seamlessly manage, leverage, integrate and store content under one roof and push that content to the Web, social, tablets, mobile and print channels.